Pricing Plan

Our main client objective at Position One Marketing is to help our customers increase their sales and revenue through new client acquisition. If we cannot do that, we do not exist.
Each client we work with is completely different in every way imaginable including what they want from us.  We simply cannot provide an “ala carte” style pricing for this reason.

We do offer different levels of optimization as you can see below, but this is only to outline some possibilities for you of what’s possible.  Before we can give you a fair price, that will make you revenue, we need to know a lot about your business, your customers and your goals.

Please see some of our services below, and if you are interested in getting started with us, please fill out our FREE QUOTE & ANALYSIS page.


Introduce yourself to the search engines

At this level of optimization, we will perform the necessary requirements to your website in order to properly tell the major search engines that you are here, and what you are about. At this level of SEO, we would need a very LOW level of competition from other similar businesses in order to achieve a page 1 ranking.

Get On Page 1 Now

When you want to guarantee a first page ranking, this is the way to go.

With an aggressive level of SEO, we would perform the Passive steps, as well as start building strategic partnerships with authoritative branded websites in your business niche. This will add tremendous authority & trust to your website, in the eyes of the search engines. With authority and trust built into your website, when you go up against competition, the search engines will chose your site to display over another.

Rank Top 3 Now

There are only 10 available listings on Page 1 of any search engine for a search.

You can own more than 1.

If you completely want to wipe out all online competition, domination is what you are after.  With this level of SEO, we would perform both Passive & Aggressive optimization to your official website.  From there, we would also work to place all your Web2.0 properties on the front page of the search engines as well.  Web2.0 properties are secondary pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube etc, that are still about your business.  Imagine owning the first 5 spots on Google for your service?

Dominate Page 1 Now