SEO Services

Search engines continually strive to provide the most relevant, and socially trending results on the first page of their results. The algorithms used by search engines to determine the order of rankings, therefore are under a constant stage of change, and updates. What once showed in the top 10 results for a given search phrase even 1 year ago, may no longer be there.

Search Engine Optimization attempts to align all the necessary online elements required by search engines in order to provide the most relevant results for their customers.

Position One Marketing has it’s finger on the pulse of the most effective methods used to obtain page one rankings. By combining a variety of cutting edge SEO services, achieving and maintaining a page one ranking is greatly increased.

Keyword Research

You need to know how your potential clients are searching for your services.

If someone is searching for your business name, they already know you exist, and that's great.  However, if you are attempting to attract new business, it's the people who don't know about you, but are searching for your services that you need to put yourself in front of. We will help you locate the highest search volume keywords that your potential clients are using to find your services and who do not already know about your business!  This translates into new revenue for your company.

On Page Optimization

Does your website clearly communicate it's purpose and content to the search engines? You may not know how important proper on-page optimization is, or what it even is.  We can optimize all the pages on your website, to clearly communicate to the search engines, what your content is about, and why it should be considered for top placements. Without proper on page optimization, your website will only confuse the search engines and result in lower rankings, or possibly no rankings at all.

Authority Stacking

When your business website is competing for top rankings, the websites with most authority wins.

Authority Stacking is the process of adding trust, credibility and authority to your website.  These metrics are heavily weighted when the search engines are deciding which websites belong in the top 10 results.  When competition is fierce, you'll want to make sure your website has a very high authority score to not only get you to the top, but to keep you there.

Competition Analysis

To know what it takes to get top 10 results, we must first know what the competition has done to get there.

We can easily obtain the "top 10 blueprint" for any search keyword, and break it down into measurable components.  With this information we know exactly what needs to be done in order to get your website standing strong in the top 10.

Page 1 Domination

Eliminate all your top 10 competition by ranking multiple web properties for your business. You may think about your Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter business pages as secondary profiles to support your business. But what you may not know is since those are also web properties, they can be ranked in any search engine along side your official business website. More importantly it's possible to rank multiple secondary business properties, giving you total domination of the first page search engine results.

Social Media Management

Social media management is quickly becoming a huge role in marketing any business online.  Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter are as important to finding new customers as your website. They also play a huge role in how the search engines view your brand. If your current business website is linked to your social profiles, and your social profiles have a lot of followers and activity, your business will rank higher. These are called social signals, and if you do not have them, you are being left behind.